Pedro E. S. Silva, PhD

in Nanosciences and Nanotechnology

Aalto University


Pedro E. S. Silva is a Ph.D. in Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies by the University of Aveiro (Portugal, 2018). Since 2021 integrates MMD group at Aalto University, investigating innovative textiles capable of shape-shifting. Apart from conducting research, Pedro represents the School of Chemical Engineering as a data agent in the research data management network of Aalto University.


  • MD Simulations
  • Elastic Filaments
  • Structural Colours
  • Active textiles


  • PhD in Nanosciences and Nanotechnology, 2018

    University of Aveiro

  • MSc in Physics, 2010

    University of Aveiro

  • BSc in Physics, 2008

    University of Aveiro



Postdoctoral researcher - ModelCom: Autonomously adapting and communicating modular textiles

Aalto University

Jun 2021 – Present Espoo

Research fellow - CellColor: Fabricating cellulose nanocomposites for structural coloration

NOVA University Lisbon

Jul 2018 – May 2021 Caparica

MSc fellow - Fibers networks: Design and Computational simulations

NOVA University Lisbon

Jan 2016 – Jul 2018 Caparica

MSc fellow - Production of non-woven with physical pseudo-knots

University of Aveiro

Jul 2010 – Dec 2011 Aveiro

Recent & Upcoming Talks

2020 Spring Meeting of the European Materials Research Society (E-MRS)

Chirality inversion in cellulose-based materials

28th International Liquid Crystal Conference (ILCC2020)

Chirality inversion in cellulose-based materials

Recent Publications

Cellulose Nanocrystal Aqueous Colloidal Suspensions: Evidence of Density Inversion at the Isotropic Liquid Crystal Phase Transition

"The colloidal suspensions of aqueous cellulose nanocrystals (CNCs) are known to form liquid crystalline (LC) systems above certain …

Colourful Patterns in Cellulose-Based Liquid Crystals

"Cellulose-based thermotropic and lyotropic liquid crystals can be obtained from macromolecules or colloidal particles, such as …

Travelling colourful patterns in self-organized cellulose-based liquid crystalline structures

"Cellulose-based systems are useful for many applications. However, the issue of self-organization under non-equilibrium conditions, …

Playing the blues, the greens and the reds with cellulose-based structural colours

"Structural vivid colours can arise from the interference of light reflected from structures exhibiting periodicity on scales in the …